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The Lantern
  • Tomorrow night is Industry Tuesday @durksbbq. I'm going to attempt to gorge myself on all things meat then sing a bunch of tunes as if I didn't. If you're in the industry, come on down. ‘Gansetts are on me. Not in the industry? Come on down... I'm sure we'll work something out. I'm on at 9.
  • This weekend I found myself starting a legal battle over this little guy. I’ve settled on the name Sir Licks-A-Lot by the way. Shortly after my last post where I debated whether or not to adopt him and get him fixed, I went to the Scituate Animal Control to ask for advice. What they told me was shocking.

Apparently in the state or Rhode Island, if you feed an animal for two days you then have the right to adopt it. So, that’s exactly what I did. I brought him to get fixed, shots, groomed, and officially adopted on 10/4. After that, Sir was happily and legally living with me. We were working on adding a bit more weight to his frame and getting his coat nice and healthy.

Since I met him two months ago, he spent every day outside until I got home from work then greeted me at the door to come in for the night. It was like clockwork. This cat had not left our property. On Monday night when I got home, he wasn’t around. I got nervous, but chalked it up to “cats will be cats”. Tuesday - no Sir. Wednesday - no Sir.

On Thursday I went to talk to our neighbor to ask if he had seen him. He told me that “the farm” went down our driveway and “took him back”. He then said that he spoke to them and that they told him they were surprised to find he was neutered.

I went to the police and was assigned Officer Scotty. He has been great. On Saturday he headed to the farm to ask questions. They said that they didn’t know anything, but directed him to who they called, “a crazy cat lady” named Riley who lives in a trailer behind the farm. They knew it to be her cat initially. Turns out, Riley has a bit of a rap sheet. She wasn’t home, but Officer Scotty spoke to her by phone. She vehemently denied trespassing and taking the cat and that she hasn’t seen it in months. Officer Scotty said that he’d be stopping by my neighbor’s house for a description of who he saw take the cat to see if he could get to the bottom of it. I haven’t heard back, but as of now, I haven’t seen Sir in a week.

I am not giving up. I won’t see him fall back into a state of neglect. If anyone has any advice, information, or suggestions on how to move forward, let me know. I just want what’s best for him.
  • Looking forward to an early show @parlourri tonight with my buddies @brianmckenziemusic and @chad.gosselin from @thebiglonesome! Show starts at 6pm then we’ll all grab dinner and drinks together afterwards. See you there.
  • The real reason this record is taking so long to finish... for those asking about the cat, it’s a complicated situation. He has basically adopted me at this point. He waits under the deck and greets me when I get home. He has started crying at the window every night until I let him in. I feed him, we play a bit, and he puts himself to sleep in my bed.
When I first met him he was extremely malnourished. I’m guessing he’s less than a year old as he seemed to outgrow the flea collar he had on. It was actually choking him it was so tight, so I cut it off. He’s extremely affectionate, loves sleeping in my lap or on my chest, but also needs to be fixed.
Here’s the complicated part - we’ve asked all the neighbors if they know anything about him, and they didn’t. I went to the horse farm up the street to ask if he knew about him and they seemed to “think” it “might” be their cat, but in the 3 or 4 weeks since I first met him, there are no signs of him leaving our property and they didn’t seem to notice he was missing or care.
I’m more than happy to adopt him, get him fixed, and get him any shots he needs. He clearly wasn’t being cared for before... but if it is the farm’s cat, I’m not sure I feel comfortable doing that without permission. I feel bad making him go home though... might start calling him Pickle, because that’s what he’s put me in.
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