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The Lantern
  • Surrounded by walls covered in a single coat of paint so thick it has to choke out all 33.7 plus 39 years of hating ourselves,
Or die trying.
I’ve never trusted anything so much,
My roller,
Your shoulders,
One coat,
One last time,
With the urgency of angels trailing the ambulance,
We’re gonna make it hold like the header above heaven’s door,
Because it just fucking has to,
Because there’s no room down here for any more noise,
Because your “I love you” will hold.
And here we are, 
Feeling every possible corner this wolf-ridden moonlight can hunt down,
I want to hang our hat,
I want to frame every curse we’ve ever presented ourselves in butcher’s paper and twine,
I want to cover these walls with the places we’ve been,
Just like we said on our first morning,
And again last night.
But when I go for the hammer and nails, you see exactly what I’m doing and say,
Go easy.
These walls can’t take it like you and me.
They’re just balloons from forty-thousand feet.”
God, I love you too.
Horsehair plaster, it’s called,
You taught me that, too,
Either way, one prick and it’s coming down,
A whisper you can fit your arm through.
My hands around a hammer that has been shedding pounds from being starved of all it was built to do since it was built to do it,
A single heartbeat like the taunt from a roofer,
My grip slackens,
And you say,
“No, baby,
I trust you,
And if it all comes down,
Then I guess that means we don’t need walls,
We’ll just hang a few more stars and no one will be any the wiser.
We’ve wasted years apart,
Do we really give a shit about wasting a gallon of paint?”
Your points are always as fair as your skin.
I trust you too. #LinePerDay
🎨: @jr / @brooklynmuseum
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  • I came here to find you,
But you had found me slack jawed and hollow staring into the eclipse,
A Venn diagram of every promise hit and dragged through the red light of what they were always meant to mean.

And yet, here you are,
And God, I love your glasses,
One extra thing to take off when the circles close,
When it’s all middle,
One extra thing you lend me to save me from myself.

Why do they have to open?
Like a 6 year old stuck in a Chinese finger trap,
I hope they pull forever, 
But never think to change,
Never think to push,
Never think to give in to how they thought it should have been

But I saved this for you, love,
“Let’s push through.”
You don’t always have to be the one doing the saving. #LinePerDay
📸: @yes.dear
#writing #writingexercise #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #poem #photooftheday
  • Skipping town and headed to Montreal with this gorgeous lady for a couple of days. Looks like we’ll get hit with a snowstorm and we’ll be inside doing some writing. Who’s got recommendations for us when the weather is clear?!
  • What Luck

Darling, I pulled all of your cards,
The Jacks, the Jokers, and the two of hearts,
I built a wall to the south, where the ground was hard,
And the wind was harsh.

Darling, I went to the stock again,
The Aces and Kings had all gotten bent,
We played more tricks with time and gambled with rent,
But that’s not what we meant,
That’s not what we meant.

Darling, let’s sheetrock and plaster,
Breathe in the dust and pray for us after,
Please be so careful with your kerosene laughter,
‘Cause nothing spreads faster,
Nothing spreads faster.

Darling, a solid 6 and a Queen,
Framing the roof before the roof starts to leak,
Tell me again what your tattoo in Latin means,
It’s more than it seems,
It’s more than it seems.

Darling, I don’t want to go,
Your laughter is warm in our chimney’s throat,
I know faith for this life will set these cards in stone,
But right now, I don’t want to go,
I don’t want to go.

Darling, someday we’ll fully start over,
Trade in these stones for a field full of clover,
What luck bestowed on us gamblers and soldiers,
“I almost didn’t know her,
I almost didn’t know her.” #LinePerDay
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #poem #photooftheday
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