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The Lantern
  • I’m so late in singing their praises, but this is my work family. With their help we pulled off an amazing 3rd Annual #MOHMarket @waterfireartscenter for @gansettbeer. This is an event and community that I am immensely proud of and I owe so much to the people in this photo for helping achieve all that we’ve built. Thank you team. I love you all. #HiNeighbor
📸: @littleoutdoorgiants
  • FRIDAY NIGHT: First show in a little while over @askewprov with my buds @american_echoes @drjones_rx and @johnfaraone!
@gansettbeer is sponsoring this one, so if you buy any merch from any artist they’ll buy you a beer! #providence
  • Late last night between the sheets woven from our darkest fears and the threat of dawn,
I searched for your skin like a door in the dark,
I wanted nothing but to find your cedar closet that kept fresh your every scar and doubt,
I wanted to take inventory, 
Double counted, double checked, and double wrapped,
I wanted to lay them out on the bed and help you pick which to wear to the ball with pride.

But you came to me naked with the door already open,
You handed me a box filled with every precious puzzle piece that you had collected since before we graduated from the penthouse to the 5th floor,
And we dumped them out like school children on a mission from god,
Placing together our sins and flaws one by one,
You said, “please teach me about patience.”
And I begged, “just keep whispering to me.” #LinePerDay
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #poem #photooftheday #snowstorm
  • All that we’ve buried
From the day we took off those sopping wet bleach white gloves and breathed so deep we made pearls of the stones in our chests
To the day that we just fucking lost count of how many stones and days there were

You told me you hurt, and we buried it
I told you I wasn’t good enough, and we buried it
You showed me your scars, and we buried it
I showed you my broken jaw of a family, and we buried it
You - you screamed to me, pleading for someone SOMEONE to please put out the raging fucking fire in your head before you did it yourself, and I…
I buried it.
With that dirt still fresh under my nails, you buried my terror of tearing love and laughter from our unborn child
As if all we buried was a time capsule waiting for them to find… by the swing set… that we built together… on a good day

I hope it all grows
I really do
One by one in the backyard, I want your hurt and my doubt and your scars and my broken jaw and the pounding POUNDING POUNDING in your head to grow like the vile skyscrapers they were always meant to be
I want to stand by your side and take your hand and shout them down with the spit of sledgehammers flying from our mouths

I want one more good day like that
I want to till the garden
I want to make love in the kitchen like when the days still counted #LinePerDay
Free form has always been tough for me. I was surprised this one spilled out.
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #lyrics #photooftheday
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