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The Lantern
  • Last minute show on @waterfireprov’s Steeple Street Stage tonight! This time with less construction! I’ll be playing 3 shows at 7pm, 8pm, and 9:30pm and grabbing dinner and drinks @newriversbeau in between. Come hang out!
  • These lying trees, they led the way,
Sent me out the fire escape,
Darkening hills, caught in their folds,
I tried to stay, but it never took hold. #LinePerDay
Two shows this weekend. I kick things off on Friday the 13th @portcityblue in Portland, ME. Show starts at 6pm. I was also just asked to perform @waterfireprov For 3 shows on Saturday night at 7pm, 8pm, and 9:30pm! Tell a friend!
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  • I have a hard time slowing my mind down. When I lived in Boston I started a ritual of smoking one cigar a week. Yeah, I enjoy a good cigar every now and then, but the real reason I started was that smoking one takes time and your hands to do it. A larger cigar can take up to two hours to smoke, and for me that means that I’m dedicating 2 whole hours to do pretty much nothing. It sounds counterintuitive, but it’s probably one of the healthier habits of mine.
I don’t crave a smoke. When it gets too cold I’m perfectly fine with closing the humidor until Spring. So, when I moved back to RI, unfortunately I never really had the space or made the time to get back into that ritual until I moved out into the sticks earlier this year. Now once a week I either put my feet up with my cousin @rmwaskewicz, or go on a long walk alone and have one.
Last week I headed on a nighttime walk with my cigar when this little guy greeted me at the top of my driveway. Starved for attention (and food), he proceeded to walk by my side for well over a mile - chasing my shoe laces, crying for a neck scratch, and climbing up my jacket if I bent over. He followed me all the way back home where I gave him a little food and water on the porch while I finished the rest of my smoke.
Since then, he comes meowing at my door every couple of nights begging for me to come out and play for an hour. We sit on the porch, hang out, and eventually he heads back into the dark.
I’m not entirely sure where he comes from. He wears an old flea collar, but no ID. There are a couple of horse farms up the street, so I’m guessing he’s a barn cat. I may knock on some doors this weekend to see if anyone knows him. If not, I’ll take him to the vet, see what he might need, and have them scan for a chip. He’s incredibly sweet.
Regardless, I feel like an asshole for just calling him “cat”. He needs a name. What should it be?
Not really a #LinePerDay per se, but I make the rules and I’ll allow it.
Speaking of all black cats, I’m going to be performing @portcityblue this Friday the 13th in #PortlandME! Show starts at 6pm! Tell a friend!
  • How far I’ve come to steal,
To stash it all away,
To peer inside the windows,
To feel the foundation shake,
A thousand cedar soldiers,
Left stirring in my wake,
I am the footprint left so tender,
For all of time to take. #LinePerDay
My home for a couple of nights up in Vermont. There’s some great, almost vile impurity to come for the peace of simplicity and natural beauty while posting on Instagram at the same time. I had to laugh this morning while I was checking the news on a screen while visiting the outhouse.
Looking forward to the drive back tomorrow morning and performing at #riverbendeast @oldslatermill home in RI.
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #lyrics #photooftheday
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