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The Lantern
  • Starting NOW @alittlebrokenglass and I are hosting our second live stream from Castle Blackamore! We’ll be joined by @graybouchard @pickinandhollerin @strangerstoriespvd @thequahogs  @marybeemusic and @bsoakley! Link in bio!
  • This beautiful and talented lady and I will be hosting another live stream from Castle Blackamore on Friday, May 22nd at 7pm ET! We’ll be joined by more of our song and poem writing friends from all over. Mark your calendars! Link in bio.
  • Thanks to all who tuned in to our first live stream last night! Thanks to @brucethebluegoose at @americanbullstudio, @brianmckenziemusic, @johnfaraone, Michael Graham, @thequahogs, @hauntthehouse, @jeffdanielian, and @pickinandhollerin for joining us! Can’t wait to do it again soon!

A very special thanks to the amazing @alittlebrokenglass for not only sharing her powerful and inspiring writings, but for diving in, as always, to make things come together. Who knew life, in quarantine or not, could be like this. Certainly not me. What luck.
  • FRIDAY, MAY 8th at 7pm!
(That’s tonight for those keeping score at home)

I’ll be hosting a Facebook Live stream where we’ll be taking a sneak peek at my new music video, listening to a song from my new record, and checking in with a bunch of songwriters, poets, and friends that I love!

Live performances from:
Michael Graham Adamowicz
Producer @brucethebluegoose from @americanbullstudio 
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