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The Lantern
  • Skipping town and headed to Montreal with this gorgeous lady for a couple of days. Looks like we’ll get hit with a snowstorm and we’ll be inside doing some writing. Who’s got recommendations for us when the weather is clear?!
  • What Luck

Darling, I pulled all of your cards,
The Jacks, the Jokers, and the two of hearts,
I built a wall to the south, where the ground was hard,
And the wind was harsh.

Darling, I went to the stock again,
The Aces and Kings had all gotten bent,
We played more tricks with time and gambled with rent,
But that’s not what we meant,
That’s not what we meant.

Darling, let’s sheetrock and plaster,
Breathe in the dust and pray for us after,
Please be so careful with your kerosene laughter,
‘Cause nothing spreads faster,
Nothing spreads faster.

Darling, a solid 6 and a Queen,
Framing the roof before the roof starts to leak,
Tell me again what your tattoo in Latin means,
It’s more than it seems,
It’s more than it seems.

Darling, I don’t want to go,
Your laughter is warm in our chimney’s throat,
I know faith for this life will set these cards in stone,
But right now, I don’t want to go,
I don’t want to go.

Darling, someday we’ll fully start over,
Trade in these stones for a field full of clover,
What luck bestowed on us gamblers and soldiers,
“I almost didn’t know her,
I almost didn’t know her.” #LinePerDay
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #poem #photooftheday
  • Side by side in our hull of brass and marble,
Through the portholes, soldiers - all tattered granite and tin,
I see a wash of scars at war for their owner,
You see nothing but mine, all starting to mend,
I am the half decade shouting up at the heavens,
You, the constellation sweetly guiding us in,
Taking on fire, the floors drenched in water,
But the closer we looked, we had just knocked the wine over in bed. #LinePerDay
#writing #amediting #writingcommunity #writersofinstagram #words #writer #songwriter #songwriting #poem #photooftheday
  • This year wasn’t an easy one to say the least. It was filled with tough changes, health issues, stolen gear, and a good slice of sorrow. It was all worth it to meet this one towards the end of it (@yes.dear / @alittlebrokenglass... not Santa). I have never laughed so much or have been so inspired in all of my life. I’m not sure who’s looking out for me, but our story is already a special one and we’re just getting started. Santa must have gotten my letter.
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