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  • You are all amazing. The album is 42% funded with 41 days to go! Just like we’re chipping away at the goal, I’m headed back into @americanbullstudio tonight with @brucethebluegoose to keep chipping away at the music.
If you haven’t had a chance to check out the campaign, please give it a look (link in bio). It means a lot to me and I’d love for you to be a part of it!
  • I can’t believe that we’ve hit 41% in only 2 weeks. I’m blown away by all of your support. Spending the day writing thank you cards to all those who have pledged before heading to @stoughtonhouseofbrews for a show with @brianmckenziemusic at 8pm! Want a thank you card too? Check out my @indiegogo campaign for my new record with @americanbullstudio! Link in bio!
  • That time @brianmckenziemusic went as a superhero for Halloween. I’ll be playing @stoughtonhouseofbrews tomorrow night with this jerk. Show starts at 8pm.
  • You're going to hear a lot from Bruce Pierce (@brucethebluegoose) at @americanbullstudio throughout the making of the record, but please go check out his page and give him a like. While he's one of my closest friends in the world, he also takes a pretty different approach to recording and studio life that has made all of the difference for me creatively.

Too often studio time is stressful. You're worried about time, expense, sounds, getting your part nailed, time, expense, and... well you get it. Because of the stress it's easy to rush, overlook parts, sounds, and maybe not take the time you would have liked to explore potential changes to the plan you came in with.

I strongly believe that a song isn't fully written until it's printed. I believe that being in the studio and creating layers is actually part of the writing process, and just like writing, some songs and parts come quicker than other. Rush that process and you could be sacrificing the song. 
Bruce has done an amazing job of curating a space that makes the studio part of the growing process for a song. He structures your time in the studio and the cost around it in a way that keeps the stress out and encourages you to take the time to chase a part and experiment. You don't have to settle.

As a friend, I can go on about Bruce forever. I would have never picked up a guitar again if it weren't for him. As a drummer, I'd have no other. As a collaborator and producer, his studio is the perfect match for how I need to work and the process that is best for me. I couldn't be more thankful for that. So like I said, check him out!

PS - It's not quite mixed yet, but here's a quick clip from one of the new tracks!

PPS - Want to help with the campaign? Link in bio!
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