• Circles in a Maze: Opening for Joe Pug!

      October 25, 2018

    Life can be both kind and terrifying with its torturous maze of secret passages and disappointing endings. I’m convinced that most of us will wander its halls until the day we depart, never actually finding the heart that resides in the chest of it all. With the anxiety and fear that comes with that realization, there are these litt […]

  • My mom used to suffer debilitating migraines when I was a kid. When they came around everything we were doing came to an immediate halt, and if my dad wasn’t around to take us where we needed to be, all we really could do was wait. She’d lay down in a dark room in apparent agony and we’d wait, often in frustration, beca […]

  • Whoo-eee it’s been a couple of crazy months here.  Here’s what’s coming up:

    Firstly, we’re coming back to my homestate tomorrow night!  We’ll be at this great place called Fete in Providence, RI. I am VERY excited to say that my Uncle, Paul Henry, will be sitting in with us on organ and piano.  Uncle P […]

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